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UI /UX Design Steps

  • Sketching


    We always start with sketching. It is the easiest way of visualizing our ideas. We usually force ourselves to create three different versions for solving a particular problem. It makes us think so we won’t get lazy. We always show everything to the client. Always. Even the sketches, because it helps the client understand the

  • Designing User Persona


    Knowing the potential users well is crucial prior to designing. The behavior of users on app varies depending on their technical understanding of the subject matter. Besides, the knowledge about demographics based on cultural diversity and age groups also plays a significant part in enhancing user experience.

  • Navigation Blueprint


    A sitemap or a blueprint provides the sketch of app navigation. In essence, it is an on-paper visualization indicating the page that opens when a user taps on a button, an image, or a dropdown. Designers at WEB Bakeries design blueprint using flowcharts defining the hierarchy of app with each subpage.

  • Wireframes


    Once the app has a definite sitemap, the designing of wireframes for each page follows. Wireframes provide an end-to-end picture of page starting from top right till the end. These are high resolution photos taken from design tool to aid in UX design process. The aim of keeping Higher resolution is to ensure that pixels

  • Prototyping


    When we have a few good ideas and know how the main structure of the web application will look like we start building a wireframe and the prototype. If we’re in a hurry and the product is a simpler one, sometimes we draw the wireframe or just use the sketches

  • User testing


    We at UX work with 1 week design sprints. Usually we have a client meeting in the beginning of the week, where we show all the main results of the tests.

  • Collecting best practices


    We usually look for existing design examples (that can be an app from the store or a project) and we collect so-called best practices.

  • Look & Feel


    Let’s jump to the look and feel. We usually design 1 screen in different versions. The first is a light one, the second is pretty dark and the third is something colorful. Differences can be in the colors, shapes, fonts, icons, light-dark elements, etc. We always ask the client what elements they like from the

  • Creating specification


    We always create some sort of specification for the developers. A UI kit is always a must-have. We usually create animations for the interactions as they can be used for showing great things to the clients, but it’s a very helpful asset for the developers as well. If you have an idea how an animation

  • A/B testing


    We usually use A/B testing to decide which version of the app is better and to get a higher conversion rate.

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