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Front-end /Back-end Development Steps

Front End development uses programming languages to create what the user sees in a browser; Back End development uses programming languages to fulfill those requests on the server side. Combined, it creates a seamless experience for the user.



    This is the first step or the starting point. Our web developers will discuss with you in detail as regards your business in order to have a clear understanding as to what products or services you provide, what goals you want to achieve and by when, and who your target audience is.



    In this step, the professional developers at Web Bakeries, create the sitemap and wireframe. The sitemap will establish the connection between the key areas on the website. This will also provide you with a clear idea as to what the website will look like once it is completed.



    We give shape to your website in this stage. All of the required visual content, which includes photos, images, and videos, will also be created. We keep in mind the requirement of your customers and target audience while working on the design. The layout, made in colors and with logos and images, provides a better



    When it comes to web development, content creation often overlaps with other web development stages and has a key role to play in the whole process. The content team at Web Bakeries, puts together material that has the ability to communicate to the target audience whatever you have in your mind. We will also add



    We start creating your website at this stage. Any committed web development company like Web Bakeries would make use of all the graphic elements that were designed during the design and content creation stages at the time of developing the website. Typically, we start with the home page. Based on the website hierarchy, sub-pages are



    Testing is one of the most important actions. We test every single link to ensure quality. All forms and script will be checked and we will run spell check software to eliminate all possible typos. As a matter of routine procedure related to web development, we check the code to ensure that the current standards

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