On-site and Off-site Search Engine Optimization

On-site or on-page optimization refers to the measures that we employ on the website for the purpose of improving its ranking in search results. It includes creating content incorporating the keywords identified during research and optimizing the HTML source code of each page. As a top SEO service Ernakulam, we understand the importance of onsite optimization in earning more relevant traffic through search engines.

In addition to helping search engines interpret the content on a page, proper onsite SEO helps users to quickly and clearly decide whether the page is relevant to their search query or not. In today’s context, search engine optimization is not much about keyword placement or repetition. It is more about understanding as to who the users of your website are, what they are searching for, and what content you can provide to best fulfill their needs. In order to fully optimize the pages on your website, our search engine optimization experts bring about changes in both text and HTML codes.