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  • Step1

    Keyword Research

    Keywords are the building blocks of SEM. The right choice of words and phrases has a direct impact on the number of users visiting your website. We are extremely proud of the fact that we have a team of professionals who are experts in keyword research and they will help you in finding out the

  • Step2

    Market Analysis

    A clear analysis of the current market situation forms part of any well-organized search engine marketing campaign. As a reliable SEM Company in India, we carry out an extensive keyword analysis and help you make use of those keywords that would enable your brand to stand out among your competitors.

  • Step3

    Campaign Management

    The success of any search engine marketing campaign is dependent not only on the choice of right advertisement combinations but also on their management over their life cycle. Certified SEM experts in our team keep track of the performance of your campaign and make the required adjustments in order to ensure that you enjoy an

  • Step4

    Performance Analysis

    An analysis as to how the campaign is performing is essential to ensure that it is delivering desired results. It is for this purpose that we include in-depth analytics in our search engine marketing services. The analytics provide a clear indication as regards the performance of the campaign on the basis of various parameters such

  • Step5


    As a full-service search engine marketing company our responsibility goes beyond creating and managing paid advertisement campaigns. We will ensure high visibility for your brand. In addition, we will also responsibly deliver measurable results which you will be able to track whenever you want. In fact, we will provide you with advanced reporting tools that

  • Step6

    Ad Campaign Design

    At Web Bakeries, the best SEM Company Egypt, professional ad designers in our team create and run targeted advertising campaigns on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. The ad services that we provide as part of our search engine marketing campaigns include Pay Per Click (PPC) ads designed with the

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